Grandma's Roses

Joy From the Little Things, a Note to Self

Sometimes we get so involved in trying to solve life’s problems that we forget to experience joy in the little things. The picture above is from a rose bush that originally came from my grandma. It has to be at least 80 years old and is likely much older. I love seeing these roses bloom […]

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Coffee shop graduation musings

Personal Reflection and Inner Stories

Last week I was sitting at a coffee shop in Philadelphia waiting for my son’s med school graduation ceremony and was struck by how everyone was going along with their regular day. The young woman sitting next to me was doing homework on her computer. People were walking to work, enjoying the beautiful day. Some […]

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Love & Pink Fountain

Kindness and Grace, When It’s Hard

It’s easy to be kind and full of grace when things are easy. What does it take to show kindness when things are hard? How do you respond when what you hold dear has been triggered? My uncle and my dad used to say, “It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.” It seems like such an […]

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Tangled Cords

Tangled Cords – How Do They Happen?

How in the world do cords get tangled when they are simply sitting in your computer bag? It is a mystery to me! Gotta love the Universe – I’m writing this at a coffee shop and looked up to see a woman untangling headphone cords from her purse! Life is like that, too. How do relationships get […]

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Sun Through Clouds (1)

What Were Your Aha Moments?

I think of aha moments as those times when something occurs and in an instant, everything changes. You can’t see things the way you used to because your perspective has changed. One benefit of re-visiting an aha moment is that it helps you remember context. You see how you hold your perspective differently than before. Here are three examples […]

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Yellow Dahlia (2)

Flexibility, Freedom, and Framework

People usually fall into one of two camps – love structure, hate structure! Today I am talking to the “hate structure” group. Often, not wanting structure is grounded in your desire for flexibility and freedom and your belief that structure/framework impedes that. What I have discovered is that a framework actually helps you gain more […]

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