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Savannah Fountain (1)

Your Lowest Life Energy Explains a Lot!

You know what you are really good at and conversely, you know what you really aren’t good at. What if what you don’t do really well is tied to your lowest Life Energy? You have all three Life Energies – Aliveness, Truth, and Workability. You know a lot about your primary energy and very little about […]

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How is indecision different from thinking about things? You will often hear people with Truth Life Energy say, “Let me think about that.” This gives them time to process what you’ve said, do their research, and then go inside to make the best decision for the situation. That is different than indecision. If you need a […]

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Rock, paper, scissors (1)

Where do you get stuck, over and over and over?

Do you get stuck in the same way over and over and over? That’s usually a sign that something isn’t working. I know, duh!  You are stuck because you can’t figure it out. You know if you did it (whatever it is) differently, your life would be easier. Here’s the real problem, you don’t know what […]

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Procrastination – or is it?

Procrastination must be the word of the week. I have read at least 5 articles about procrastination in the past few days. Here’s a new spin on it. Waiting until the last minute, distracting yourself with Facebook, or starting something new so you don’t have to do the dreaded to-do list could all be examples of […]

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Yellow Dahlia (2)

Flexibility, Freedom, and Framework

People usually fall into one of two camps – love structure, hate structure! Today I am talking to the “hate structure” group. Often, not wanting structure is grounded in your desire for flexibility and freedom and your belief that structure/framework impedes that. What I have discovered is that a framework actually helps you gain more […]

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The Many Faces of Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck has many faces. Sometimes it looks like thinking, thinking, thinking without taking action. Lack of a solid plan or fear keeps you spinning your wheels and avoiding taking action. The tricky part is that you can confuse all of that thinking as brainstorming or creating something. It might be, but often it is only an avoidance […]

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