I, like everyone, was born with a purpose.  And, like most people, I didn’t realize what my purpose was until I named it during a class, Journey Into Self.  My life purpose is Guide and when I look back at my life, I can see that I have been guiding people for as long as I can remember.

Here is the story of my life purpose.  I actually identified my life purpose on my 36th birthday – happy birthday to me!  During the Journey class I had two very profound experiences. The first occurred during a group life energies exercise when I found myself in a group of people who all had Aliveness life energy.  I realized that there were people out there who thought like I did, made decisions like I did, and saw things like I did.  I wanted to cry because it felt like “being home.”  I also began to recognize how and why the other people in my life were so different – my husband, my parents, my brother, my co-workers, etc.  And, I also realized that they weren’t wrong, nor was I – that we each had a way that we move through the world and that it’s different.

The second profound experience was when I identified my life purpose of Guide.  Naming it created clarity about experiences in my life and helped me see why I chose to follow the path I had followed.  As an elementary school student I felt compelled to help the students who had difficulty communicating and pursued a Master’s of Science degree in Communication Disorders at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  It was an expression of my life purpose – guiding people to be able to express themselves.  Throughout my life I have had many instances of people coming up to me for guiding – sometimes friends, sometimes complete strangers.  When I recognize that they are asking me for my life purpose I become more attentive and focused.  Expressing your life purpose can be a small interaction or an irreversible encounter, helping someone see something in a way they had never considered before.

Once I identified my life purpose the idea of life energies and life purpose have been a driving force in my life.  People ask me why they should identify their life purpose if they have been doing it all of their lives and the only answer that makes sense to me is that it is a way of expressing your most magnificent self.  It is an interaction with someone that can make a difference for them, and for you. When you look back at the peak experiences in your life you will see that someone asked you for your purpose and you were interacting with them from your purposed self.  I digress, this is supposed to be my bio.

I have worked with such diverse groups as Dwight Correctional Facility, University of Illinois, Teachers of the Joliet Diocese, AT&T, Elmhurst Hospital, and Wisconsin Recreational Activities Professionals. And, if you were not aware of which group was in the room, you would not be able to identify the “credentials” of the group.  Life energies and life purpose cross gender, education, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and age.  Being aware of life energies and life purpose helps you to create meaningful relationships with others and more importantly with yourself. Again, I digress.

I have been struggling with writing this bio because I don’t know where to start or what to say.  What would be interesting?  What would be meaningful?  What would let you know that I know what I’m talking about?  What would help you say, “I want to know more about this”?  Here’s what I know.  When you identify life energies and your life purpose and begin to see people and experiences from that perspective your life can become much larger.  You can begin to interact with people from that empowered place inside of you and you can begin to claim that you are up to something big!  Again, I digress.  It is hard for me to speak about my life without explaining life energies and life purpose.  They are the lens through which I see everything.  The work of my life is to help people gain movement, clarity, and connection with self and others on their path to live their magnificent life.

So, now, after all of that here are the details:

Who: Cindy Dove

What: Guiding and coaching people to identify life energies and life purpose

When: for the past 30+ years

Where: community groups, colleges and universities, hospitals, corporations, and with individuals

Why: Because I want you to know the magnificence of who you really are and to have creative teams, empowered relationships, a fulfilling life, and to recognize the judgments that limit you.