What Lights You Up?

What are the things that not only bring you joy, but actually light you up? What are the things that dim your light? It’s time to give yourself permission to want things and delight in them. Here’s a way to start – write two lists – things that light you up and things that dim […]

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Is the Hokey Pokey Your Strategy for Taking Action?

Penguins Doing the Hokey Pokey Do you use the Hokey Pokey model for taking action? Do you put your right foot in, take your right foot out, put your right foot in, and shake it all about? That strategy actually leads to taking no action, at all. It means that you are standing in one […]

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Life Energies and Your Work

Did you know that your Life Energies can either match your work or be contrary to it? There are three Life Energies – Aliveness, Truth, and Workability – and you have all three. However, one is in the lead and is the lens through which you see and process everything. Furthermore, your business, work, or […]

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Curve of the Earth

What Do You Savor?

The Curve of the Earth When you savor something it allows you to fully appreciate and relish it. Most often people connect savoring with food. However, you can savor many, many things. The photo at the top represents a moment that I savored twenty years ago. It still fills me with awe when I think […]

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Life Energies and Sheltering in Place

People are handling sheltering in place in very different ways. Part of that has to do with Life Energies. When you see how your primary Life Energy plays into how you are feeling and responding, you can begin to be kinder to yourself and others. A quick refresher about Life Energies (click here or here […]

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What are you waiting for? road sign

What are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting for everything to line up perfectly? Has your fear of not getting it right stopped you in your tracks? Are you waiting for the situation to resolve itself? Have you adopted the strategy of wishing and hoping? By the way, I’ve found that strategy doesn’t work. Think about how much time you […]

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