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Paula J. Fischer

Cindy was the keynote speaker for WRAP (Wisconsin Recreation & Activity Professionals) at our state convention with 3 periods of entire group participation.  She then offered smaller, more intimate sessions for breakouts in the morning and afternoon.    The stage was set for each of us to discover why certain persons always show up on our door steps wanting something, a deeper understanding of the personal gifts we have to give to other humans, and better ways to understand and interact with residents and families.

The knowledge of what we each give to other humans is extremely helpful in our daily working lives with the elderly.   Observing those with various forms of dementia after going through these sessions has helped many unlock some of the “whys” of actions by our residents.

As those that put a name to their “gift” stood up at the last session and shared, you could feel the pride, understanding and empowerment that came with the knowledge Cindy brought to us.  It was an enlightening day for all the participants!

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Stephanie Palubicki

Cindy is a tremendously skilled business coach!  Her approach and insight is phenomenal.  In a word (or 3), her work with me has “Changed My Life!”  I see and pursue opportunities that I would not have before meeting Cindy. It is amazing how her simple strategies can make such a big difference in what I accomplish each day!

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Yvonne Malone

Cindy helped me to connect the seemingly disparate parts of my professional life and in the process discover my authentic self. She accomplished this over a period of several months – something I had wrestled with on my own for several years! We continued to meet on a regular basis to establish a strong foundation for moving ahead. This has resulted in new pursuits built on strengths, experiences, and interests that are delivered in a way that reflects my voice and passions.

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Linda I.

I wasn’t surprised to find out that my life purpose is to illuminate. Naming my purpose has helped me understand that everyone holds their own answers and that I can sometimes help by asking good questions that leads them to their own “aha” – one that is meaningful to them.

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Catherine Johns

Discovering my Life Purpose launched an amazing journey and created incredible changes. I was a morning radio side-chick when I went to my Life Purpose workshop.  Today I own a business – Positive Changes Chicago – where clients lose weight, change habits, relieve pain, and transform their lives.  My Life Purpose?  I’m a CATALYST! 

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Jim Beverley

Working with Cindy has increased my efficiency. She has an incredible command of her “purposed lives” workspace. By helping me remove the interference in my process, I have attained my highest level performance. I didn’t think it could be this easy!

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