Life Coaching

I work with experienced professionals who have hit a plateau – they are working really hard, but can’t quite get to the next level. They love to be out in front of clients, but feel overwhelmed and stressed by the details. In fact, they cringe when they even hear the words, “systems, organization, and strategies” and yet they know that they need a strategy and a plan.

They have gone to strategic planning workshops and are determined to take those good ideas back to the office and implement them straight away. Those new strategies and plans usually last about two weeks! I understand why traditional organizational tools don’t work for them and help them create systems, processes and strategies that align with who they are and how they best work so they can move their attention from putting out fires and feeling overwhelmed to focusing on what’s important and taking action that leads them to achieving their goals.

As a result of this individualized system, they are working more effectively and efficiently. As they move their business forward they begin to work with the exact clients they love, have more flexibility and freedom, and as a bonus they make more money.

If you are tired of the stress and overwhelm and are ready to move your business forward, click here to schedule a strategy session.


Working with Cindy has increased my efficiency. By helping me remove the interference in my process, I have attained my highest-level performance. I didn’t think it could be this easy!

Jim Beverley CLU, ChFC, CFP – Financial Advisor, Partners Wealth Management


Cindy helped me to connect the seemingly disparate parts of my professional life and in the process discover my authentic self. She accomplished this over a period of several months – something I had wrestled with on my own for several years! We continued to meet on a regular basis to establish a strong foundation for moving ahead. This has resulted in new pursuits built on strengths, experiences, and interests that are delivered in a way that reflects my voice and passions.

Yvonne Malone, Yvonne Malone Studio

Cindy is a tremendously skilled business coach!  Her approach and insight is phenomenal.  In a word (or 3), her work with me has “Changed My Life!”  I see and pursue opportunities that I would not have before meeting Cindy. It is amazing how her simple strategies can make such a big difference in what I accomplish each day!

Stephanie Kennedy, My College Planning Team