Life Energies – Your Operating System

My original name tag declaring my Life Purpose
and Life Energies

Have you wondered why you are so different from your family, friends, or co-workers? It’s simple, you have a different operating system, your Life Energies. There are three Life Energies and you have all three. Your primary Life Energy is your operating system (OS) and the other two energies support it.

The three Life Energies are Aliveness, Truth, and Workability. You are born with them and they determine how you view the world, process information, and make decisions. You take in information and it is instantly refined to fit your particular Energy.

Aliveness Life Energy – enthusiastic, spontaneous, open, exciting, intense, vibrant and creates starts to get movement. What they actually do is start, start, start until they have created the start that has a spark. People with Aliveness Life Energy will draw you into experiences, they want to experience everything. What they don’t like are rules because they can’t figure out how one rule fits for everyone.

Truth Life Energy – attentive, observant, gentle, quiet, driven by meaning, and wants time of solitude. They get movement by getting willing. They want to know and will explore all of the options before making a decision. They check the internet, test drive, ask questions, etc. and when they are OK with all possible outcomes they will decide. What they don’t like is conflict.

Workability Life Energy – focused, productive, organized, reliable, and loves the satisfaction of completion. They live from project to project and don’t particularly like down time. They have a plan, a list, and know how to get from point A to point Z. They know what steps to take and they do them. They are count-on-able and will do what they say they will do. What they don’t like are problems.

Which Life Energy resonates with you? And, yes as a reminder, you do have all three, however one will be more like you. That will be your primary energy (your operating system) and will explain why you do things the way you do. It will also help answer those secret concerns you have about why you are so different from others in your family or at work.

When you look at the Life Energy descriptions you can see that it’s as if they are speaking different languages. The tone of each energy is different from the other two. Identifying your primary Life Energy liberates you and allows you to let go of judgments about yourself and others. When you begin to see that we have different operating systems and that they are innate, it lets you release the judgments that you “should” be some way other than the way you are.

In workshops I often get asked if Life Energies are dependent upon gender, age, education, or birth order? The answer is “no.” Then people ask, do your energies change over time? Again, the answer is “no.” You were born with the sequence of your Life Energies. You can tap into the second and third energy, but your primary energy is your primary energy.

The first time I was in a group of people with Aliveness Life Energy I almost burst out crying. I saw that there was a whole group of people who thought like I did, made decisions like I did. There was nothing wrong with me! I had always felt like the black sheep in my family and now I know it was because I was the only one with Aliveness Life Energy. I had a different OS than the rest of them.

Knowing someone’s Life Energy could enable you to rewrite your history with them. You realize they were not doing something to you. They react to the experience of life differently than you do. It enables you to take their responses impersonally. They were responding from their Energy, which is the best way they know how.

Living on Purpose, pg. 118

What judgment can you let go of about yourself or someone else in light of Life Energies? Those judgments can pop up in every area of your life – in personal relationships, in business relationships, in casual interactions. Remember, they aren’t doing something to you, they simply have a different way of seeing and moving through the world. They have a different operating system.


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