Structure is not a four-letter word

I had a conversation this morning about structure as it relates to people with high Aliveness Energy and low Workability Energy, which is how my energies line up.  I have resisted structure from the time I was a small child.  I like to “fly by the seat of my pants” rather than have a plan.  And yet, I have begun to realize that when I don’t have a plan I get to the end of the day and have been busy, but can’t really say what I have accomplished.

Here is an example of how high Aliveness works and I have written about this before, but I want to revisit it.  I have a project to do which needs something from the other room.  On my way to get what I need I see something else that needs to be done and start that.  Mid way through that project I am drawn into yet another start which has nothing to do with either of the first two starts.  And, then I finally wind my way around to the original project.  Start, start, start!

Yesterday I had a day with nothing scheduled, no appointments, no projects.  So, I decided to write myself a list of the things I would like to accomplish for that day.  And, guess what?  I did them all and even had time left over to read a book!  This brought me to the conversation I had this morning about structure.  When you are in a business that doesn’t have an inherent structure to it, you will be well served by creating a structure for yourself, a plan, a roadmap.  This is not anything you haven’t heard before.  The difference is that when you view it in relationship to your life energies you can begin to see where your own challenges lie.  With Aliveness energy you will be taken off task by your starts.  With Truth Energy you will be taken off task by immersing yourself in the details, the meaning of your project.  With Workability Energy you may lose sight of the big picture as you focus on the plan.

Structure can help each energy maintain focus and clarity.  And, the structure will look different for each energy.  One structure does not fit all needs.  The task is to determine which structure will support you in reaching your goals, create a plan and then implement that plan.  It takes intention and awareness to notice when you shift into your “go to” modus operandi that pulls you from your target.

Anyone who has known me for awhile will likely get a chuckle out of seeing me write about structure and talking about its virtues.  When you look at your life energies you can begin to see how you naturally operate and also to see how you can learn from the other energies to help you reach your goals.  Have fun noticing how you naturally approach a project, move through it, get sidetracked, and then complete it.  If you want to explore how your life energies affect your work life send me an email and we can set up time to talk about it.  This exploration opens up many opportunities to make shifts that can dramatically impact your bottom line and the fun you have along the way!

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