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Collars and Cuffs

When I was in high school, way back when everything had to be ironed, I would only press the collar and cuffs of my blouse if I was going to wear it under a sweater. I think that may be a low Workability life energy solution to a problem. I haven’t thought about that in […]

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Refresher About Life Energies

Do you wonder why you do things so dramatically differently from other people in your life? Often it is because you have a different primary life energy than they do. Here’s a little refresher about life energies. We all have three Life Energies – Aliveness, Truth and Workability. What we hold dear, how we make […]

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What are You Up To?

The question of “What are you up to?” has many, many connotations. It could mean – “what kind of mischief are you up to?”, which is often the context when asked by a parent. It could mean – “how much energy do you have and are you up for doing something?” when asked by a […]

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Toothpaste, Judgments, and Peace

Odd title to this post, I know, however I think toothpaste is a great way to look at our judgments. My husband and I have two totally different approaches to squeezing a tube of toothpaste. For those of you who know about life energies that wouldn’t surprise you at all. His life energies line up […]

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Structure is not a four-letter word

I had a conversation this morning about structure as it relates to people with high Aliveness Energy and low Workability Energy, which is how my energies line up.  I have resisted structure from the time I was a small child.  I like to “fly by the seat of my pants” rather than have a plan. […]

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