Do You Have Tenacity?

DSCN1898.JPGDo you have tenacity? Last summer I saw a beautiful example of tenacity. I watched a 2-3 year old girl try to teach herself to jump rope. The rope was way too long for her size, but she determinedly picked up the rope, put it behind her, swung it over her head, and then stepped over it. She repeated this process, with a smile on her face, for about 30 minutes until her parents called her to come and eat. She didn’t get discouraged, she didn’t stop, she continued to try and master jumping rope. She was tenacious!

The real lesson here is that she had a goal, a vision, a dream and she was not deterred. Without a goal/vision/dream it’s difficult to have tenacity because there is no anchor or destination. If you know what you want it is much easier to take action to get you there. How many times do you kind of want something and subscribe to the wishing and hoping that things work out plan?

The times in my life that I have had enormous tenacity had one thing in common – I knew what I wanted. Not only did I know what I wanted, but I was committed to achieving it. It wasn’t a matter of “I should” do it, but I had a strong desire to reach that destination.

Here’s the exciting part, sometimes getting clarity about what you want sets things in motion. You don’t have to know all of the actions you will take to get you there. It’s a matter of doing the first thing, then the next thing, then the next thing, all the while moving you in the direction of your goal/vision/dream.

What would change in your life if you knew what you wanted? Do you think you would have tenacity if you had clarity about your goal/vision/dream? What can you do today to become more clear about what you want?

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