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Are You in Liminal Space or Cell Soup?

Do you feel stuck in neutral? You might actually be in liminal space. Liminal space is that space between spaces. It’s as if you are standing in a doorway, not yet in and not yet out. Another way to describe it comes from my friend, Bev Grall. She talks about “cell soup.” Cell soup is […]

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Are You Running Around Like Your Hair’s on Fire?

There’s a difference between being busy and running around like your hair’s on fire! We often confuse the two, thinking that if we are really, really busy it must mean we are getting things done. Additionally, we often think if we are busy it must mean we are effective. So, that brings us to the […]

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Prismatic Pool Mist

“I Don’t Know” is Not the Answer

How many times do you answer “I don’t know” when asked your opinion? Is that answer your way of avoiding taking a stance? Do you defer to others so you don’t have to figure out what it is that you really want? It’s a dodge! It’s a way for you to get the other person to […]

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Second Tip for Fewer Spinning Plates and Less Chaos

Last week we talked about spinning plates and how you can simplify your chaos. Another step to gain control of the chaos is focus. The challenge is that when you are in the midst of chaos you often can’t see how to focus. Do you find yourself jumping from one thing to another never taking the time to […]

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Do You Have Tenacity?

Do you have tenacity? Last summer I saw a beautiful example of tenacity. I watched a 2-3 year old girl try to teach herself to jump rope. The rope was way too long for her size, but she determinedly picked up the rope, put it behind her, swung it over her head, and then stepped over it. She repeated […]

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What Scares You?

What scares you? And, no, I don’t mean spiders, clowns, or flying. What scares you in the middle of the night? It might be something that you don’t even want to share with your closest friend. And yet in the quiet of your own mind, it scares you, night after night. Are you afraid that […]

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