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Big Hair HS Graduation (3)

Cayenne for Cinnamon, Oops!

How often do you have an oops experience and then berate yourself for doing it wrong, not being good enough, should have known better, yada, yada, yada? A few weeks ago I decided to make Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies – had my dry ingredients in the bowl, grabbed the cinnamon and shook it into the flour. […]

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Sun After the Snow

Is it Time to Pause?

Is it time for you to pause? We live such busy lives, sometimes almost even hectic, that we often forget to pause. Do you run from project to project? Do you check your phone for emails, texts, or posts frequently? Do you feel the need to get more things done with not enough time to do them? […]

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Tioga Pass Sunstream

It’s Time to Be Both Bold and Introspective

Are you ready to be both bold and introspective? Have you become focused on the other people in your life and forgotten who you really are? Have you gotten pulled around by all of your obligations at work and at home so that you can’t focus on what’s important? Are you overwhelmed by the enormity of everything […]

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Dark Chocolate w:flash

Life Lessons of Chocolate

I remember the first time I realized that I could buy one piece of chocolate at my favorite chocolate shop just because I wanted one. It was about twenty-five years ago. This seems like a fairly simple thing and yet it was a big deal and here’s why. I had always thought that chocolate was […]

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One Way No Turns

I Laughed So Hard I Cried

This morning I read a post about autocorrect texts and I laughed so hard I cried. After the first ten I had to get up and get a tissue because I couldn’t see to read the rest of them. The further I read, the harder I laughed. It felt so good to laugh that hard […]

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