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Take a Bold Action

We often confuse bold with big when we think of taking action. Sometimes a bold action is simply taking a step in the direction of the very thing we’ve been resisting. Each small step moves us closer to our goal. I have been thinking about small steps for awhile now and have come to realize […]

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Finding Your Own Rhythm

I have been thinking a lot lately about finding your own rhythm. We often are so involved with the outside rhythms of work, school, meetings, family commitments, etc. that we don’t even know what our own rhythm is. Personally, what I am searching for is balance. A balance between my meaningful work, my play, my […]

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What do you think about?

I have been having conversations with people about the kinds of things they think about in the quiet (and sometimes, not so quiet) moments of their minds.  Questions relating to Life and living life on a daily basis.  What are the questions that roll around your mind time and again?  Like – What am I here for? […]

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