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Tioga Pass Sunstream

Journey Into Self

Twenty five years ago I took a class, Journey Into Self, and it changed my life. I remember sitting in that first class and hearing Jo Ann Wolf say that this could be an irreversible encounter – it was. Ever since then I have been seeing the world through the lens of Life Energies and […]

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Sunset as Essence

Experiencing Essence

I had a very powerful experience of essence at a workshop earlier this week and wanted to share it with you. During the three days I was there we talked about your business being an expression of your essence. At the very end of the workshop we stood in front of one person at a […]

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Yellow Roses

How Do You Create Space?

How do you create space in your life? Are you addicted to filling every moment? Are you cranking things out at work, rushing, meeting deadlines, just getting it done? At home are you continually checking email, social media, your cell phone? Do you flip from channel to channel on the television, searching, searching, searching? Are […]

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Double Rainbow

Context and Perspective

Have you ever stopped to think about how your history, the era in which you grew up, affects your perspective? I had a conversation last week with a friend and we talked about how when we were growing up your family had one phone and it was attached to the wall. There was no such […]

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How Do You Shine?

Here’s a glimpse into how my mind works. It’s February and we have a bright, sunny day today. I love sunny days and as I was writing this sentence at my favorite coffe shop I just overheard, “It’s a bright, shiny day today.” Isn’t it interesting how things line up? So back to how my […]

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