Refresher About Life Energies

Do you wonder why you do things so dramatically differently from other people in your life? Often it is because you have a different primary life energy than they do. Here’s a little refresher about life energies.

We all have three Life Energies – Aliveness, Truth and Workability. What we hold dear, how we make decisions and how we move through the world has a lot to do with which energy is our primary life energy. As you are reading along remember that you have all three and that, depending on the situation you may call on one of the energies that isn’t your primary one. However, your default, go-to energy is your primary energy and it explains so much of why you do how you do and why others may be so very different from you.

It allows you to put to rest some of those secret concerns you may have had. For instance, I used to think there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t quite get and stay organized. Now I know that because I have low Workability life energy that it will always be an area that can easily slip away from me if I’m not paying attention. I’ll say more about that next week. On with the “short course” of Life Energies.

People with Aliveness life energy are very outgoing, often the center of attention. They get movement by getting starts. What they actually do is start, start, start with a trail of unfinished things behind them. They know that it often takes many starts before they get the start that clicks. People with Aliveness energy will draw you into experiences, they want to experience everything and want you to join them. They are very enthusiastic, compassionate and creative. What they don’t like are rules because they can’t quite figure out how one rule fits for everyone. They will try to find a way for the “rule” to make sense.

People with Truth life energy are more quiet and introspective. They get movement by getting willing. They explore all of the options – check on the internet, read, ask questions,etc., and then when they are OK with all of the possible outcomes they get willing and get a start. People with Truth life energy are attentive, observant and have a gentle nature. Meaning is very important to people with Truth life energy and their life is filled with meaning from how they select gifts to how they choose a job. People with Truth life energy will not make quick decisions because they want to think about all angles before choosing.

People with Workability life energy are realists and oriented to success. They live from project to project and don’t particularly like down time. They have a plan, a list, and know how to get from point A to point Z. They know what steps to take to get there and then they do them. People with Workability life energy love order and completion and are naturally troubleshooting all of the time to avoid anything that might upset their ability to get a project done. People who have Workability life energy are count-on-able. If they say they will do something, they will do it, and do not need any reminders. They are steadfast in relationships. They want to be with you and don’t really care what you do, as long as you do it together.

Which life energy resonates with you? This is where people often say, I feel like I am a little bit of all three. And, that is true because we have all three life energies. However, one energy often feels like more you. It rings true for you. When you begin to recognize your primary life energy you can let yourself off the hook about how you naturally move through the world. If you have Aliveness life energy as your primary energy you can know that there is nothing wrong with all of your starts, it’s simply how you get movement. If you have Truth life energy as your primary energy you can give yourself a break the next time you judge yourself for not being more outgoing, you are simply observing and taking it all in as part of how you naturally are. If you have Workability life energy as your primary energy you can jump in with enthusiasm on your next project and know that there is nothing wrong with you because you don’t like down-time.

How can you embrace your primary life energy? What judgment can you let go of about yourself or someone else in light of life energies? Those judgments can pop up in every area of your life – in personal relationships, in business relationships, in casual interactions. Remember, they aren’t doing something to you, they simply have a different way of seeing and moving through the world. Rather than judging their way as wrong, you can have the response in your mind of, “Oh, I see, that’s how they do.”

Click here to learn how your lowest energy manifests in the world. And, as always, leave your comments below.

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