Where do you get stuck, over and over and over?

Do you get stuck in the same way over and over and over? That’s usually a sign that something isn’t working. I know, duh!  You are stuck because you can’t figure it out. You know if you did it (whatever it is) differently, your life would be easier. Here’s the real problem, you don’t know what you don’t know. You’ve tried many things and they haven’t worked. Rock, paper, scissors isn’t an actual business strategy to determine which task to implement first.

What if you knew what the problem was and then could create a strategy that would solve your stuckness? Often it’s only a slight change of perspective or an aha that has eluded you. Sometimes you can get a different perspective from a colleague, a friend, a coach, a mentor, or a consultant. We go to them because we have a blindspot.

It’s like a horse that has blinders on. You can see clearly what’s right in front of you. However, you can’t see those things that are just outside your field of view. The same thing is true when you are stuck in your business and are working really hard, but aren’t connecting with your ideal clients. You think if you just talk to enough people you will have more clients. The opposite is true, as you get more dialed-in to who your ideal client is, you are better able to connect with them and provide the service that they need.

Lately, I’ve been talking to many job search groups and the same applies to a job search. You often only look for jobs similar to your previous career, forgetting that it wasn’t a good fit for you. You hesitate getting crystal clear about your ideal job because you fear not finding a job. I get that, but what if you could find the job that actually is a perfect fit, that allows you to use your skills and also aligns with how you naturally think and function? It is possible!

If you are stuck, look at themes or patterns that have recurred throughout your life. They have great information for you. If you are feeling stuck and are ready to get unstuck, let’s talk. It often simply is looking at your patterns through a slightly different lens, which leads to creating new strategies and taking new action.

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