How is indecision different from thinking about things? You will often hear people with Truth Life Energy say, “Let me think about that.” This gives them time to process what you’ve said, do their research, and then go inside to make the best decision for the situation. That is different than indecision. If you need a refresher about Life Energies, click here.

Where it becomes indecision, no matter what Life Energy you have, is when you research, think about it, research some more, think about it some more, and so on and so on and so on. It’s the inability to “decide and do” that trips you up. It can apply to deciding where to vacation, which car to buy, how to implement the perfect business strategy, or you fill in the blank. It doesn’t matter if it’s at work or at home, it runs roughshod over you and stalls you out in the “figuring it out” mode.

So, what’s underneath that inability to decide? One of the most common reasons is a fear of making the wrong decision. What if I decide to choose X and it turns out not to be the best choice? So, then the refrain in your mind is, let me look some more, because then maybe I’ll find the perfect spot, car, team, etc. That strategy only serves to make you stressed.

Indecision, yuck! I am intimately familiar with it when I get stalled out in my second Life Energy. For those of us who have a primary Aliveness Life Energy, we get movement from starting things. It really looks like start, evaluate, start, evaluate, start, evaluate, etc. We have a natural affinity for exploring to see what truly works. Until, we get stalled out by thinking about it over and over and over again. That is indecision rearing it’s ugly head. It really is more about fear of making the right decision.

The mantra is, “Done is better than perfect.” You can always tweak it along the way and decide differently. One of my favorite quotes from Living on Purpose is, “Decisions are just decisions. Period.” What that means is you get to make a decision, check it out, and then you can make another decision. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have made the initial decision. It only means that you learned something from it and now you can make a new decision.

What decisions have you avoided making? What if you adopted the framework of deciding, checking it out, deciding anew, checking it out, etc. It’s about staying in action rather than staying in thinking about it.

Oh geez, I just caught myself doing exactly what I just wrote about. I was going to click “save” and then come back and look at this article later. It really was a stalling tactic, a moment of indecision about whether or not it was good enough, hitting the mark, blah, blah, blah. So, here you go, you get this article “as is.”


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