Life Purpose Revisited

It matters that you have lived and that you have a Life Purpose. You are already giving your Life Purpose and you have been since you were a small child! Who knew??? When you identify your purpose you can be more present and aware. An interaction can be a small moment or an irreversible encounter – you never know which one it will be and it doesn’t matter. Your part of the equation is to be present in each interaction, to be awake in your life.

Knowing your Life Purpose can explain some of those interactions that have left you feeling less than satisfied. Those may have been times when you have given your life purpose and they haven’t asked for it. For them it felt like you “butting in” and for you it felt like they were discounting you and that they didn’t “get it”. Here you have given them your pearls of wisdom and they basically said, “No, thank you.” They get to choose to accept your purpose or not. 

When you give your Life Purpose freely and without expectation you will feel a difference in the interaction. There won’t be an emotional charge. Look back at your life and remember times when you had an incredible interaction. Those moments were likely when someone asked for your life purpose or as we say, “tugged on your sleeve.” The more aware you are of people tugging on your sleeve and being present in those moments, the more people start coming to you for your life purpose.

  • You begin to feel more passion in your life and things begin to open up for you.
  • You see more choices about your work or your relationships. 
  • You begin to live more of your life awake rather than shifting into auto-pilot.
  • You begin to align with your life and the life you want to live. 
  • You are more you and it feels great! 
  • You begin to remember who you are. 
  • You feel empowered and make decisions that are in your favor. 
  • You see choices rather than seeing things as either/or. 
  • You begin to be active in your life rather than simply reactive to those things placed in your path. 

It’s one more piece to the puzzle that is life. Identify your Life Purpose and unlock one of those keys to your life. If you want more in your life and work let me know  and we’ll have a deeper conversation about your Life Purpose. 

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