One Way to Shift from Feeling Stuck to Feeling Light

Do you feel stuck? I don’t know about you, but when I feel stuck it almost immobilizes me. I get that “pit in my stomach” feeling. I try and try and try to figure things out, which only results in mind-spin. One way that helps me shift from feeling stuck to forward movement is to become curious. It changes my perspective, lightens me up, and illuminates possibilities.

Choose to be the way that lightens the moment for you, and give up your expectations. If you take a position to get a particular outcome, you will be disappointed often. Choose in the moment to have lightness in your life. Living on Purpose, Pg 94.

Consider what a difference it would make if you chose what lightens you rather than slogging through things and trying to make them work. What if you didn’t cling to your preconceived notion of how things must end up?

As I write this I am feeling stuck, which I find quite funny! I have had at least 15 starts, trying to get the one that clicks. Perhaps I should listen to myself and get curious without trying to reach a specific outcome. How could I be curious about this?

  • What would it mean if this was easy to write and I didn’t get all consumed by it being perfect?
  • What is it that people come up against when they are stuck?
  • Do people get stuck in different ways depending on whether they are at home or at work?
  • What would make a difference to people as they read this?
  • How could I bring lightness to this writing?

That was an example, in real time of being curious. However, I still feel stuck, so I’m going back into curiosity.

  • What is creating this stuckness?
  • How could I look at it differently so that I could write this darn blog. (I edited that because I didn’t really think “darn”)
  • How do people get stuck? They get stuck when they are overwhelmed by too much to do. People get stuck by being in a rut or being bored. Actually, I read last week that when people feel stuck it’s a signal from their inner self that they are yearning for growth, for expansion. I know that sounds counterintuitive because often when you are stuck it’s because you feel you have too much on your plate.

Let’s look at that a bit. What would lighten things for you? What if you began to choose in your own favor? When you are overwhelmed and feeling stuck, what if you did the unexpected? Instead of slogging through work, maybe step outside to eat lunch rather than frantically eating at your desk. Could you ask for help or delegate tasks, even if you feel guilty doing so?

Maybe sign up for a workshop about something you’ve always wanted to learn, thus feeding that yearning to grow and expand. How about eating dinner as a picnic on the living room floor rather than the dining room table? The thing that lightens you may not have anything that discernibly connects to what has you stuck. Sometimes it’s about creating space to breathe and lighten up your life that allows creative ideas to pop in.

Well, here we are. I’ve written a blog and hopefully offered some ideas to help you shift from feeling stuck to feeling light. It’s ok to lighten up. You have permission to choose in your favor. Be curious and explore many different ideas, even the wacky ones.

Where do you typically get stuck? What could you do to experience feeling light? How could you be more curious?

2 Responses to One Way to Shift from Feeling Stuck to Feeling Light

  1. Carol Daux February 11, 2019 at 6:11 pm #


    This is the best advice I have received in a long time. All of life is about expectations. And when many of your life’s expectations crash down upon you simultaneously, it can be paralyzing. Having been fortunate enough to hear you speak in person, I feel your upbeat presence in reading your blogs. Thank you so much for being Out There with such wonderful ideas. Now I’m going back to my online banking account—-with curiosity!

    • Cindy Dove, Life Coach February 11, 2019 at 6:16 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, Carol. Sometimes curiosity can truly make a difference – good luck!

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