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Ocean Sunrise

Life Purpose Revisited

It matters that you have lived and that you have a Life Purpose. You are already giving your Life Purpose and you have been since you were a small child! Who knew??? When you identify your purpose you can be more present and aware. An interaction can be a small moment or an irreversible encounter – you […]

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Snow on Deck

What Last Mesmerized You?

What is the last thing that mesmerized you? It happened for me on Monday. We had 18 inches of snow on Sunday in Chicago. On Monday, I was entranced by the sun, sparkling snow, patterns of shadows, and a brilliant blue sky. So much so, that I spent about two hours taking pictures of those […]

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Sunset as Essence

Experiencing Essence

I had a very powerful experience of essence at a workshop earlier this week and wanted to share it with you. During the three days I was there we talked about your business being an expression of your essence. At the very end of the workshop we stood in front of one person at a […]

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How Do You Shine?

Here’s a glimpse into how my mind works. It’s February and we have a bright, sunny day today. I love sunny days and as I was writing this sentence at my favorite coffe shop I just overheard, “It’s a bright, shiny day today.” Isn’t it interesting how things line up? So back to how my […]

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