Ease and Flow or Struggle?

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What is your default, ease and flow or struggle? Given those options you might think, of course, I choose ease and flow. You might be mistaken. Many people see working hard and struggling as a badge of honor. You tell yourself you must work hard in order for something to count. That simply isn’t true.

Struggle is an indicator that there is a different way to solve your problem. We often dwell on the times we struggle or make a mistake rather than when we do something effortlessly. It’s time to shift your focus and remember those projects you completed with ease.

What if obstacles are opportunities to be curious and explore different ways to solve problems with more ease? Use struggle as an invitation to look for an easier, more creative way. Brainstorm off-the-wall ideas that lead you to an aha you’d never thought of before. Be bold and try something completely different.

Start by remembering times that have been effortless. Those are the moments that were so easy it almost felt magical. What was different about them? Your body will give you visceral cues. Where in your body do you feel lightness when a project is effortless? Use that to propel yourself into ease.

On the flip side, what are indicators that you’re struggling? Do you twist yourself into a pretzel, trying to make something work? When you notice it, shift gears into possibilities. Remember a time of ease and flow, notice how that feels. Tap into that in your current project.

Use water as a teacher. It always follows the path of ease and flow. Water simply slips around obstacles or settles into the stillness of being where it is. It doesn’t try to force itself to go any particular way. Water gets to its destination by following ease and flow.

How do you move into ease and flow? Do you get curious, explore, slow down, or meditate to connect with your inner self? There is no magic, “do these 7 things” and you will have ease and flow. It takes noticing what facilitates ease for you. Maybe it’s as simple as setting up your office to reflect who you are by having fresh flowers on your desk. Choose one this week and see how ease and flow support you.

This post makes me chuckle. I’ve been “struggling” to write this for several days. Sheesh! I wrote 7 pages as I was meandering around in my mind and none of it was cohesive. So, I decided to let it sit and come back to it from ease and flow. Thus, the piece you’re reading today.

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2 Responses to Ease and Flow or Struggle?

  1. Jolene December 23, 2021 at 10:44 am #

    Beautifully written Cindy! I feel lighter and more in flow just reading your post, will definitely bookmark to come back to this. I feel a sense of ease and flow when I sit in silence and meditation to calm my mind. Taking a step aside to think about what are the facts, what actually happened or happening to separate it from my expectations of how it’s going and how it’s making me feel. To acknowledge it, detach any meaning and let it go! I recently moved into a brand new apartment and some construction still going on in adjacent buildings in the area. It was a bit unsettling with construction dust, glue on the tiled floors and dirty windows! It really affected my mood and how I saw things, twisting myself into a pretzel as you say. I found balance with a little (okay A LOT) more self-care and being out in nature!

    • Cindy Dove, Life Coach December 23, 2021 at 11:14 am #

      Great insights about how you shift yourself from struggle to ease and flow. Those expectations often trip us up, don’t they?