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Coffee shop graduation musings

Personal Reflection and Inner Stories

Last week I was sitting at a coffee shop in Philadelphia waiting for my son’s med school graduation ceremony and was struck by how everyone was going along with their regular day. The young woman sitting next to me was doing homework on her computer. People were walking to work, enjoying the beautiful day. Some […]

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Love & Pink Fountain

Kindness and Grace, When It’s Hard

It’s easy to be kind and full of grace when things are easy. What does it take to show kindness when things are hard? How do you respond when what you hold dear has been triggered? My uncle and my dad used to say, “It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.” It seems like such an […]

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Hilton Head Sunset (1)

The Upside of Shifting from Should to Could

There is a difference between should and could. “Should” always has a judgment attached to it and “could” offers you choices. It doesn’t matter if you say it or think it, every time you use “should” you set up an internal resistance. You may not even be aware of the resistance, but it is there. […]

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Cairns Atlantic Coast

When Does It Count?

When does it count? If you ask for help, does it count? If you aren’t perfect, does it count? Do you have that little voice in your head that says, “If you ask for help, then it means that you aren’t good enough?” That voice may not use those exact words, but there’s someplace inside […]

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Big Hair HS Graduation (3)

Cayenne for Cinnamon, Oops!

How often do you have an oops experience and then berate yourself for doing it wrong, not being good enough, should have known better, yada, yada, yada? A few weeks ago I decided to make Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies – had my dry ingredients in the bowl, grabbed the cinnamon and shook it into the flour. […]

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