Tangled Cords – How Do They Happen?

How in the world do cords get tangled when they are simply sitting in your computer bag? It is a mystery to me! Gotta love the Universe – I’m writing this at a coffee shop and looked up to see a woman untangling headphone cords from her purse!

Life is like that, too. How do relationships get so tangled when on the surface nothing seems to have happened? How does your business begin to tank when you haven’t seen it coming? What is the point of the tangled cords analogy?

Here’s what I do know. When you aren’t paying attention, stuff happens. For instance, you begin to take a relationship for granted and it becomes stale. All of your energy is focused on the humdrum of life and you haven’t done anything lately with your partner that was fun. You’re bored and didn’t even see it coming.

In business, you go on autopilot and serve your current clients, but forget to take business-building action. Then what feels like “all of a sudden” you are scrambling to catch up. It requires paying attention to the details and becoming clear and specific about what you want from your business.

The good news is you can turn things around. Life and work can be fun. What has become automatic? Where have you forgotten to explore creative ideas? Has Grenelda Thurman stepped in and started living your life when you weren’t paying attention? Has your life started living itself around you without you being in charge?

Notice when and where things have become tangled up and take action to change direction. Have fun with this process. It doesn’t have to be a heavy burden of trying to “fix yourself.” Think about tangled cords and lighten up.

PS Here’s one more question that defies logical explanation – How do socks disappear in the dryer? You know you put two socks in and only one comes out! What else confounds you? How is your life reflecting tangled cords and missing socks?

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