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Cindy Dove

Ease and Flow or Struggle?

Cindy working on computer with feet propped on desk wearing teal sneakers What is your default, ease and flow or struggle? Given those options you might think, of course, I choose ease and flow. You might be mistaken. Many people see working hard and struggling as a badge of honor. You tell yourself you must […]

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Ebb and Flow

My current workout place is closing so today was my last day. It got me thinking about the ebbs and flows of life. For the past four months I have been working out at the same time as a group of people. We would say “hi” to each other and chat briefly about nothing in […]

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The Power of Listening

How often do you listen to someone, really listen? Many times it looks like we are listening and yet we are only half listening because we are planning what we are going to say in response. We have made up our minds not only about what they are saying, but what it means to them. […]

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“Shoulds” that Trip Us Up

Last week I was thinking about “shoulds” and how they trip us up. When you say that you “should” do something it often sets up the knee-jerk reaction of “You can’t make me do it.” Even when we are the one saying we should do it! When you shift “should” to “could” you have many […]

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The Fluid Circle

We see life in blacks and whites and often in defined boxes – work, family, leisure.  We or should I say “I” get so involved in the day-to-day prescribed events of my life that I often forget that life lived is very fluid and contains many shades of grey.When my mom was sick it became very […]

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Santana Wisdom – Living Full Out

Apparently this is the summer of concert wisdom.  We went to see Santana last Friday and several things really struck me.  Santana and his entire band started their concert full out, which continued until they played their last note.  As I was listening to their brilliant music I was thinking about how they jumped right […]

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