What are you waiting for? road sign

What are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting for everything to line up perfectly? Has your fear of not getting it right stopped you in your tracks? Are you waiting for the situation to resolve itself? Have you adopted the strategy of wishing and hoping? By the way, I’ve found that strategy doesn’t work. Think about how much time you […]

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How Do You Respond to the Unexpected?

There are many ways to handle the unexpected. Some serve us well and others, not at all. We have “go to” ways of dealing with surprises. Do you react or do you respond? When you feel blindsided do you – add drama, get really quiet and go inside, or kick into high gear and take action, […]

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LOP Name Tag 2

Life Energies – Your Operating System

My original name tag declaring my Life Purpose and Life Energies Have you wondered why you are so different from your family, friends, or co-workers? It’s simple, you have a different operating system, your Life Energies. There are three Life Energies and you have all three. Your primary Life Energy is your operating system (OS) […]

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Has Grenelda been Running Your Life?

I had a Grenelda moment last week! Grenelda Thurman, along with her husband Herman, are the fictional characters created in Living on Purpose. Grenelda and Herman are the ones living your life when you are not paying attention. John and I were at the greenhouse when he burst out laughing. I was wearing two different […]

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Fairchild Night Garden

One Way to Shift from Feeling Stuck to Feeling Light

Do you feel stuck? I don’t know about you, but when I feel stuck it almost immobilizes me. I get that “pit in my stomach” feeling. I try and try and try to figure things out, which only results in mind-spin. One way that helps me shift from feeling stuck to forward movement is to […]

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Ocean Sunrise

Life Purpose Revisited

It matters that you have lived and that you have a Life Purpose. You are already giving your Life Purpose and you have been since you were a small child! Who knew??? When you identify your purpose you can be more present and aware. An interaction can be a small moment or an irreversible encounter – you […]

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