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Grenelda Thurman Lessons

Mocha and computer on table Have you ever done something that you thought was really stupid and then beat yourself up for it? It wasn’t what you had intended at all. That is often a sign that Grenelda or Herman Thurman have stepped into your life. If you were paying attention you never would have […]

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BB King Wisdom

Yesterday I spent the day with my husband and sons at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival.  It was eleven hours of non-stop music on a beautiful summer day in Chicago!  There were many things that struck me, separate from the brilliant guitarists and all ’round fun atmosphere.  It was interesting to see Eric Clapton, Buddy […]

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37th Anniversary

Today is our 37th anniversary and yesterday John and I took the day off and spent the day in the city along the lakefront.  (we couldn’t synch up our schedules for today, and – it was sunny and 90 yesterday and rainy, rainy, rainy today – so it all turned out perfectly). We started our […]

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Differences I Noticed in German Restaurants

This is Mortiz restaurant in Wangen, which gave us our introduction to eating out in Germany.  The food was delicious and the waitstaff was very helpful, since the menu was in German.  And, there are several differences in restaurants in Germany and the US.  A 19% tip is automatically added to your bill, once your […]

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Train Tracks into Dachau

Dachau Concentration Camp

 John and I drove to Dachau directly from the airport in Munich. It was a very powerful start to our 2 week trip. Here are the remnants of the railroad tracks and platform the prisoners used upon their arrival at Dachau. It was very sobering to think of the thousands of men who arrived at […]

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Life Purpose tug

Yesterday I had an interaction with a stranger that was a tug for my life Purpose of Guide. I met a woman in a store and she started talking with me. She was limping and wearing a bandanna and I learned very quickly that she was in her third round of chemo. She shared her […]

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