What if You Would Simply Be Who You Are?

Last night I went to hear Chris Herren, a former NBA player, speak to a gymnasium of athletes. Chris was a high school basketball phenom who went on to play in college and the NBA. He had a bright career in front of him, in fact at the superstar level, and ended up going from making millions of dollars to being a junkie with only $17 in his pocket. He talked about the choices he made through his drug addiction and up to the present that has led him to four years of sobriety and a commitment to helping teens. His mantra before each speech is to help one person. Although his story and speech were very inspiring it was his final comment that really struck me.

He posed a question asking people how they would be if they simply lived who they are. The message was to be who you are, rather than being who you think others want you to be. It resonated with me because it is what I have been teaching for years, but never have said it quite so simply. So, who would you be if you simply were who you are?

We have so many layers of putting on the cloak of being who we think we should be that sometimes it’s hard to even remember who we are. What is one part of who you are that you have forgotten? What could you do today that would express who you are fundamentally inside? What if you lived your life allowing more of you to be present rather than hidden under the layers of “shoulds”?

I have thought a lot about Chris’ question since I got home last night and there are so many different ways to consider it. Since my business is Purposed Lives I, of course, would have you look at who you are through the lens of your Life Purpose and Life Energies. Another way to look at it is, what ways have you covered up who you are in order to do what has to be done? Are there any ways you can shift that and let your true self soar? What if you simply be? My desire for you is to embrace who you are and enjoy!

PS This is a picture of me from the way back machine. And, as I thought about what picture I could use that would express “how I be” I chose this one because it was a free spirit kind of day!


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