Your Lowest Life Energy Explains a Lot!

You know what you are really good at and conversely, you know what you really aren’t good at. What if what you don’t do really well is tied to your lowest Life Energy? You have all three Life Energies – Aliveness, Truth, and Workability. You know a lot about your primary energy and very little about your lowest energy.

Your lowest Life Energy is often a conundrum for you. You can’t figure out how to do those things that are typically associated with that energy. And, people who have that as their primary energy baffle you.  How do they think and why do they do things that way?

I once asked my husband, who has low Aliveness, what it would be like for him if for one day he had to say “hi” to every person that passed by. He got a stricken look on his face and said that he would be exhausted. When you have low Aliveness you might have to think about each interaction and remember to say “hi.” For people with high Aliveness it is common place and part of their every day occurrence.

If you have low Aliveness you may be drained by groups of people, especially if you are expected to participate by talking. You may also find it challenging to start conversations or be the  center of attention.

If you have Truth as your lowest energy you may find yourself jumping into a project without looking at all of the angles before you leap. I have a friend who has high Workability Energy, middle Aliveness, and low Truth and she volunteers for many, many things. Her Aliveness says “yes”, her Workability requires that she finish the project and she forgets to think about how much time it will take to do all of those steps. Her challenge is to take a few moments up front and quickly analyze the likely steps before she raises her hand and commits to the project.

If you have low Workability Energy you likely are challenged by getting and staying organized. Workability is my lowest energy and I continually have to be intentional about keeping my desk in order. I swear that the gremlins come in during the night and pile papers all around. It sure couldn’t be me doing that! With low Workability we often don’t even see the disorder and forget to create a plan. We create to-do lists that expand and expand and expand.

No matter what your lowest energy is, you aren’t doomed! You can recognize what challenges those low energies present and create strategies to engage those energies in a way that works for you. When you recognize your lowest energy it often explains many things that have been a challenge for you in the past.  You can set down your personal judgments about how you “should” be.

If you think back to earlier times in your life you will see that you have had these same challenges over and over. For example, if you have low Workability Energy you likely waited until the last minute to do your assignments in school, much to the chagrin or your parents. As an adult you may be daunted by trying to figure out a calendar and a plan that works for you.

If you have low Aliveness Energy you may have waited for others to include you at school because you couldn’t quite figure out how to get a start. As an adult you may have to focus and remember to speak out in meetings at work, even if you would rather sit back and observe.

If you have low Truth Energy you may have gotten a start, found yourself out on the proverbial limb and then had to backtrack and “fix it.” This may be true as a child and as an adult. The good news is that you can learn to harness that low energy so it works for you.

What is your lowest life energy? What have you judged as a “failing” on your part that you can now recognize as a challenge of your lowest energy? Leave your comments below and share what you have discovered about your lowest Life Energy.

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  1. Jenny La Fontaine December 4, 2017 at 1:32 pm #

    Thank you Cindy! That was a timely reminder of my low workability challenges!

    You have helped me so much in understanding things that I am good at ….. and not so good at, through knowing my life energies. Then it is far easier to learn how to work with the more challenging areas.

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