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Curve of the Earth

What Do You Savor?

The Curve of the Earth When you savor something it allows you to fully appreciate and relish it. Most often people connect savoring with food. However, you can savor many, many things. The photo at the top represents a moment that I savored twenty years ago. It still fills me with awe when I think […]

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Grandma's Roses

Joy From the Little Things, a Note to Self

Sometimes we get so involved in trying to solve life’s problems that we forget to experience joy in the little things. The picture above is from a rose bush that originally came from my grandma. It has to be at least 80 years old and is likely much older. I love seeing these roses bloom […]

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Snow on Deck

What Last Mesmerized You?

What is the last thing that mesmerized you? It happened for me on Monday. We had 18 inches of snow on Sunday in Chicago. On Monday, I was entranced by the sun, sparkling snow, patterns of shadows, and a brilliant blue sky. So much so, that I spent about two hours taking pictures of those […]

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Sunset as Essence

Experiencing Essence

I had a very powerful experience of essence at a workshop earlier this week and wanted to share it with you. During the three days I was there we talked about your business being an expression of your essence. At the very end of the workshop we stood in front of one person at a […]

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Christmas Ornaments

Looking Back at Your Successes

Today I encourage you to look back at your successes in a particular way. Remember those times that you loved what you were doing – you were energized. They may have been at work, or in your personal life, or a combination of many different areas. We are closing in on the end of the […]

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Yellow Roses

How Do You Create Space?

How do you create space in your life? Are you addicted to filling every moment? Are you cranking things out at work, rushing, meeting deadlines, just getting it done? At home are you continually checking email, social media, your cell phone? Do you flip from channel to channel on the television, searching, searching, searching? Are […]

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